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My Awards
Name Description Award
Valued Member Awarded to members who are a great asset to the community. Valued Member
Speaker For the members who have so much to say. Speaker
Member of the Month Monthly award for the best user. Member of the Month
Genius For the people who know everything. Genius
The Defender Help us defend the site against spammers. For those who report a lot of posts. The Defender
Staff's Pet For those who kiss up to the staff. Staff's Pet
Diamond Donator Donate over $100 to the forum. (Does not include upgrades) Diamond Donator
Ruby Donator Donate $50 to the forum. (Does not include upgrades) Ruby Donator
Donator Donate at least $5 to the forum. Donator
Star For being well known around the forum. Star
Gamer If you're a hardcore gamer you get this award. Gamer
Cool For being cool, not a tool. Cool
Da Bomb Be down with Vipr to get this. Da Bomb
Noteworthy For accomplishing something noteworthy. Noteworthy
Awesome Tutorial For posting an awesome, original tutorial. Awesome Tutorial
Musician You know your stuff when it comes to music. Musician
Gambler Don't lose all your money. Gambler
Religion Guru You're hardcore with your religion. Religion Guru
Golden Thread For creating a thread worthy of being stickied. Golden Thread
1k Posts 1k posts. 1k Posts
Developer Showing off some of your coding skills! Developer
Staff Member Be a member of the staff. Staff Member
Gold Member For upgrading to Gold. Gold Member
Diamond Diamond Member Diamond
Otaku Dedicated to Anime/Manga Otaku
Photographer Show off some of your photos and skills with a camera! Photographer
Graphical God Show your knowledge and skills of graphics! Graphical God
Bitcoin Donator Donate at least .005 BTC (subject to change) to IF! Bitcoin Donator
Grammar Nazi You must have excellent grammar (and use it) to obtain this award. Grammar Nazi
YouTube Create an advertisement that showcases the website. YouTube
Award Whore Title says it all. Award Whore
Hack Forums Member If you've come from HackForums, be sure to PM a member of the staff to receive this award. Hack Forums Member
Group Owner Purchase and own a group on the forum. Group Owner
Flamer You've got a sharp tongue. Flamer
Wine Just a sip or two; for the classy. Wine
Thanksgiving 2014 For those who purchased the Thanksgiving award from the shop in 2014. Thanksgiving 2014
Christmas 2014 For those who purchased the Christmas award from the shop in 2014. Christmas 2014
Staff's Diamond Someone who has done something noteworthy to help the forum. Staff's Diamond
Derp You messed up. Derp